V Series Bag Filters


V series bag filters are extremely compact with their high hardness level. The most productive level of bag opening is provided with the existing air ducts inside the pockets and the homogeneity of the air flow is guaranteed. V series bags have high dust holding capacity and high durability due to this structure. Abrasion resistance of this type of bag filters, which can stand even 3500 Pa pressure pressure, is very high and long-lifed.

  • It tested according to EN 779.
  • The flammability is F1 according to DIN 53438, it is self-extinguishing.
  • Moisture resistance is up to 100% relative humidity.
  • Temperature resistant is up to 80 ° C. (May change depending on the frame type)
  • It is convenient for paint according to the IPA test.
  • Pockets are self-supporting and compact.
  • Standard sizes are thermally welded and barred.
  • The frame of the bag filter can be plastic or metal. In both cases, the frame thickness is 25 mm.
  • Gasket can be applied to the bag filter frame.
Filtre Sınıfı
  • G3 (EU3)
  • G4 (EU4)
  • M5 (EU5/F5)
  • M6 (EU6/F6)
  • F7 (EU7)
  • F8 (EU8)
  • F9 (EU9
  • To answer to the high expectations;
  • It is used as a pre-filter of hepa filter in:
  • areas such as; Office, laboratory, computer technologies, food industry etc. in air conditioning systems,
  • In paint shops in the automotive industry,
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