G3-F5 Bag Filter


Synthetic bag filters are produced from healthy and environmentally delicate, unbreakable polyester fibers, in an increasingly frequent texture. Pockets are leaked welded and resistant to very variable operating conditions.

  • It tested according to EN 779.
  • The flammability is F1 according to DIN 53438, it is self-extinguishing.
  • Moisture resistance is up to 100% relative humidity.
  • Temperature resistant is up to 80 ° C .(May change depending on the frame type.)
  • It is convenient for paint according to the IPA test.
  • Filters are white coloured.
  • Pockets are self-supporting and compact.
  • Standard sizes are thermal welded.
  • If the frame of the bag filter is selected as plastic, the frame thickness is 25 mm, and the thickness can also be 20 mm in the metal frame.
  • Gasket can be applied to the bag filter frame.
Filtre Sınıfı
  • G3 (EU3)
  • G4 (EU4)
  • M5 (EU5/F5)
  • It is used for filtration purposes in air plants and all kinds of ventilation devices.
  • Office, store, school, laboratory etc. in air conditioning systems in all kinds of buildings
  • As the prefilter of delicate filters
  • It is also applied as a pre-filter in paint application systems.
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