Cartridge Filters with Activated Carbon


Cartridge Filters with Activated Carbon are used for keeping unpleasent smell in ventilation systems.The cartridges are filled with 4-10 mm activated carbon granules. Bayonet mounted cartridges made of galvanized sheet or high grade steel are covered and suitable for refilling. The cartridges are used by emptying when necessary and reused by filling them with carbon granules.

  • Air contact time matters a lot for productive use of carbon. Depending on the application area, air contact is required between 0.1 and 2.0 seconds.
  • The maximum temperature in the air flow should be 70 ° C and relative humidity 70%.
  • Retaining frames are made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel. The number of cartridges by dimensions is as follows:
  • 610*610*75 mm (16 cartridge)
  • 508*610*75 mm (12 cartridge)
  • 305*610*75 mm (8 cartridge)
  • 305*305*75 mm (4 cartridge )
  • It is used in applications where unpleasent smell is unwanted, such as;
  • In order to keep unpleasent smell and gases in air circulation systems,
  • Museums, canteens,
  • Hospitals, laboratories, computer centers,
  • Chemical industry, paint shops, airports, gas stations, parking lots etc.
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