Cabin Air Filter


Pollen Filter ensures that the air entering the vehicle is filtered and enters the vehicle cleanly and it prevents unpleasant smell and pollen to enter.

  • The pollen filters found in the most of the new version vehicles are made of special paper and located in the car's ventilation entry.
  • It should be replaced periodically. Depending on road conditions, it has to be changed between 10,000 km and 15,000 km.
  • It may be necessary to change earlier while using on very dusty roads.
  • Old pollen filters prevent the air conditioning and heating systems from working properly. For that reason, it is recommended to replace the pollen filters on time.
  • If the blowing is low while the air conditioner is running, the pollen filter may be congested, replace it.
  • If there are unpleasant smell coming from outside to inside the vehicle, the pollen filter may be old, replace it with a new one.
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