Biostat Bag Filters F5-F9


Biostat bag filters are filters that prevent microorganisms that come to the fore in hygienic environment needs. By reason of its active ingredient structure, it prevents the formation of bacteria during the period of use and does not give the bacteria it holds to the environment. The productivity of these types of filters is determined after a 12-month test period. Compliance with DBA criteria is guaranteed with a microorganism productivity certificate.

  • It tested according to EN 779.
  • The flammability is F1 according to DIN 53438, it is self-extinguishing.
  • Moisture resistance is up to 100% relative humidity.
  • T emperature resistant is up to 80 ° C (may change depending on the frame type).
  • It is made of breakage-resistant, environmentally safe synthetic fibers.
  • They are high density and can work under pressure.
  • Standard sizes are thermally welded and barred.
  • The frame of the bag filter can be plastic or metal. In both cases, the frame thickness is 25 mm.
  • Gasket can be applied to the bag filter frame.
Filtre Sınıfı
  • M5 (EU5/F5)
  • M6 (EU6/F6)
  • F7 (EU7)
  • F8 (EU8)
  • F9 (EU9)
  • It is used in regions where VDI 6022 requirements are required, such as;
  • In filtering the air in areas such as office, hospital,
  • In all areas with high hygiene demand,
  • In applications with high humidity and environmental needs.
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