Accordion Filters


Paint-holding separator filter is used to hold waste paint dust. It is made of the best quality double layer cardboard and is self-supporting with its baffled holes and pleated structure. It has a high level of paint holding capacity. “Sepa Paint” separator filter guarantees high paint holding capacity with low pressure loss. In the “Sepa Paint” separator filter, the air entrained with the paint particles enters through the holes and the clean particles free from the paint are released into the system by the outlet of the paint while the paint particles remain inside by the centrifugal force movement between the two layers.

  • Temperature resistance is 100 ° C.
  • Moisture resistance is up to 100% relative humidity.
  • Paint dust capture performance can be up to 98%.
  • Material height is 75 mm, 90 mm or 100 mm.
  • It can also be produced in special sizes if desired.
  • Also flame and water resistant types are available.
  • Paint holder can be used with green filter.
  • It is used to keep the paint particles in the environment
  • In the automotive industry,
  • In paint booths and ovens,
  • In the food industry
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